Apple confirms pushing iOS 14.5 update next week

The iOS 14.5 update will be launched for users starting next week, with a new set of features and better support for protection and privacy standards.

The iOS 14.5 update ran many of the reports published during the last period in anticipation of the release of the stable version for users, as Apple provided the update with a set of the most important features that provide better support for users starting from April 26

The iOS 14.5 update includes a feature that allows users to unlock the phone via the Apple smartwatch to skip the registration process by recognizing the face when wearing masks, the update also brings improvements in Siri voices and supports the user with improvements in user privacy in various programs and on the Internet.

The iOS 14.5 update is also scheduled to support the new PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming devices, and the update also allows users to agree to follow advertisers for them, to prevent advertisers from targeting users or using user personal data for advertising targeting.

Also, through the iOS 14.5 update, the user can replace the Apple Music app with another default app such as Spotify, so we are expecting the update to be officially pushed for more details.

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