Audio-Tech, wireless headphones for musical instruments with ultra-low latency of 0.001 seconds or less

Audio-Technica announces ATH-EP1000IR wireless headphones for musical instruments. It will be on sale from April 23rd.

Wireless headphones for musical instruments that realize high-quality infrared communication without feeling any delay by original digital processing. With ultra-low latency and high-quality sound wireless of 0.001 seconds or less, you can comfortably play and practice electronic pianos.

In addition, it is equipped with a high-performance driver that realizes mid-low range with enhanced separation and clear high range, and the sound is tuned flat so that the sound of the instrument can be heard accurately.

In addition, if you purchase several units, you can connect multiple units at the same time so that two or more people can listen to them, and you can also connect by wire, which is convenient when the battery is out of charge.

The main specifications are a closed dynamic type, a driver of 40 mm, a playback frequency band of 20 to 20000 Hz, an output sound pressure level of 97.0 dB / mW, and a maximum input of 1000 mW.

In addition, the battery drive time is about 5 hours. The maximum communication distance is within 7m with good visibility. The main body size is 103 (width) x 62 (height) x 135 (depth) mm. Weight is about 130g.

The direct sales price is 23,980 yen.

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