Corsair launches a HyperPolling keyboard for gaming enthusiasts

Corsair launched the new K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard, which aims to cater to the requirements of gaming fans.

The American company explained that the K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard features HyperPolling technology with a polling rate of 8000 Hz with a built-in Tenkeyless design.

ICue Courser enables setting RGB backlighting for each button separately, in addition to creating macros or program buttons by the user.

Using the Tournament switch on the new K70 RGB TKL keyboard, the backlight can be set to a solid color and macros are disabled.

The new keyboard is also packed with Chery MX Red, Silent Red or Speed ​​Silver mechanical buttons.

American Corsair has equipped each key with a durable and flexible PBT-Double-Shot button cover, so gamers can accurately record input operations even in fast-paced games.

Last March, the American Corsair announced the launch of the new K65 RGB Mini mechanical keyboard, which addresses gaming enthusiasts.

Corsair explained that the new panel is equipped with 60% mechanical switches and Cherry MX switches with PBT Double Shot button covers and is available in five different colors.

Corsair indicated that the form factor 60% has become more common among gaming enthusiasts, and the new K65 RGB Mini keyboard is available in three versions of the mechanical keyboard; The Cherry MX Red switches feature linear and soft keypress.

Cherry MX Silent Red switches combine linear pressure with a patented design to reduce noise, and Cherry MX Speed ​​Silver switches have a short compression distance of just 1.2 mm.

The technical equipment package for the new K65 RGB Mini keyboard includes dynamic RGB backlighting for single buttons, an 8000Hz gaming-friendly polling rate, as well as Corsair Axon technology, and a removable USB-C cable.

Additionally, the PBT Corsair keycaps are available in Onyx Black, White, Elgato Blue, Origin Red, Rogue Pink, and Mint Green.

In addition, the new K65 RGB Mini keyboard supports ICue Corsair software, which enables many settings in addition to adjusting RGB lightings such as button programming or macro programming, and the new keyboard comes with a weight of 850 grams and can withstand up to 100 million keystrokes.

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