Everything you need to know about the upcoming Apple mixed reality headset

It is no secret that Apple is investing in mixed reality like a mixed reality headset, after introducing LiDAR sensors in iPhones and iPads, and it appears that the company is ready to launch a standalone device in the coming months, according to Bloomberg reports.

Mark Gorman noted that the Cupertino-based tech giant is planning to launch mixed reality glasses within a few months through a personal event. Apple wanted to show its first major device since 2015 to the media and developers, and let them try it.

This isn't the first time we've heard of the company's mixed reality headset, as last month famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the company aims to launch the device by mid-2022, followed by an AR headset in 2025.

And in January, Bloomberg claimed that the upcoming devices will be (mostly) a virtual reality device, something similar to products from Oculus and HTC - but much more expensive. 

The report also stated that Apple's headphones will feature an advanced chipset (similar to its M1 processor), a high-resolution screen, and cooling technology.

Apple is cutting and changing some of these features by the time it finishes designing, the company aims to launch the MR headset as a standalone device, rather than connecting it to the Mac for power and processing.

This should make it a more attractive proposition for people to move around and use the house. People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the company aims to use fabric on the exterior parts of the headset to reduce weight. 

And in February, The Information reported that the Apple headphone will feature interchangeable Apple Watch-style headbands, as well as a mesh on the outside. The post also indicated that the company aims to include spatial audio and up to a dozen cameras and LiDAR sensors for hand tracking and AR functionality. 

The company is considering various ways to gain control, including a headphone tweak and thimble-like finger attachments, as well as hand-eye tracking. It will not be Apple's first inexpensive headphone, the information stated that it will be priced around $ 3,000, which is not outrageous if you compare it to Microsoft's price of $ 3,500 Microsoft Hololens 2.

The actual launch of the headset may be at least a few months away, however, Apple is likely to announce some new ARKit extensions and APIs at WWDC. 

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