Facebook denies launching the Oculus Quest Pro this year

Andrew Bosworth, vice president at Reality Labs at Facebook, provided some additional hints about what is in store for Facebook's future Oculus devices, and in an audio question and answer with John Carmack on Bosworth suggested that while Quest 2 is from The past year will continue for some time now, and the company is working on headphones with greater capabilities.

He said, people also ask about Quest 3, and it doesn't exist yet, there is no Quest3, there is only Quest. But I hinted at AMA earlier this year about Quest Pro because we have a lot of things in development where we want to offer functionality New headphones similar to the types that people think we want to introduce, and that's a few ways that are still a long way off, it still won't happen this year. 

Carmack, now a technical consultant at Facebook, said that he "only supports exclusive Quest 2 offerings, but he believes there is still a very large market for Quest 1 users, and Bosworth agreed, saying, I expect the incentives for developers to support Quest 1. Sure, you unlock, you know, seven numbers of additional users who are likely to buy your software - which is a good deal when you can get it.

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