Intel has missed a roadmap about Alder Lake-S, they may come very soon

The well-known leaker @ 9550pro shared a photo showing Intel's projected processor roadmap from a certain presentation, which concerns both Alder Lake-S processors and Eagle Stream platforms with Sapphire Rapids servers. 

It has been reported several times that Intel is going to launch Alder Lake processors in the desktop version of S this year, but this would mean that today's Rocket Lake-S will be cut very soon, so we were rather reluctant to this alleged plan. However, it seems that Intel really wants to replace today's desktop processors very quickly and will not give them much time to shine. After all, no one from Rocket Lake-S is exactly thrilled. 

The photographed roadmap specifically applies to workstation platforms, but this is only a detail, as it will be the same processors for desktops, just as we can count on the W580 chipset for Rocket Lake-S today (it is scheduled for release in April). According to the roadmap, it is clear that Alder Lake-S should start in the last month of the third quarter, ie in September. 
According to this information, the W680 set for workstations will be prepared for them, while for ordinary desktops it will of course be the Z690 and others similar. Otherwise, it says about what we already know, ie up to 16 physical cores, LGA 1700 socket, 20 PCIe lines (16 for the main PCIe x16 slot and the rest for SSD), while TDP will remain the same - 125W unlocked K processors, 65W mainstream, 35W energy saving version.

The question is how old this roadmap is considering that it shows Rocket Lake-S scheduled for earlier this year. Intel could decide to delay the arrival of Alder Lake-S so that the previous generation still has a chance to pay, but it is still clear that Rocket Lake-S does not have to endure the usual cycle on the market as the current generation.
So for now, we'd rather just count on the fact that Alder Lake-S is planned for the second half of the year and will probably start sometime in the fourth quarter. However, it should also be noted that as far as Ice Lake for C621A, which ranks the roadmap at the end of the first half (June), there will probably be no delay due to the announced boards, especially when the Ice Lake server itself is already on the market. 

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