LG has confirmed the end of mobile phone production

April 5, 2021, becomes the day when the Korean technology company LG officially decided not to continue developing and manufacturing smartphones. The strategic step, which had been essentially a public secret for several weeks, was confirmed by the company on its website a few hours ago. However, the actual production of smartphones will not end day by day due to the still running projects. The last mobile phone should leave the line in the middle of the summer holidays. The actual end of production of LG mobile phones will occur on July 31, 2021.

Leaving the company's incredibly competitive smartphone segment will allow it to focus on areas such as electric vehicle components, network components, smart home solutions, robotics, artificial intelligence and various B2B solutions. We will also continue to develop some mobile technologies, such as 6G networks, the Korean company describes the final decision of its management. It is clear from the announcement that LG has had a hard time coping with competitive pressure in the smartphone market.

Users of today's LG phones are said to continue to rely on software and technical support. How the end of mobile production will affect LG employees, the company intends to address regionally behind closed doors. The company will also deal with the termination of the production and sale of smartphones and the tightening of updates and other support with operators and other partners.

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