New evidence indicates that the upcoming Samsung smartwatches will run on WearOS

The first time we heard about Samsung planning to return to WearOS smartwatches was in 2018, when some of the company's employees were seen wearing watches with Google operating system instead of Tizen.

However, the company has stuck with its own internal operating system for all of its smartwatches since then. But last month, a reliable source claimed that the Android Watch may be at last, and evidence has surfaced recently to support these claims.

The APK for the latest version of the Galaxy App for wearables indicated that the next generation of Samsung smartwatches will already be running WearOS from Google.

There were some symbolic words that appeared, including water, newos and merlot. These words indicate that the watch will work with a new operating system, which is believed to be WearOS, and it will also support a standard for water resistance. Watch Active3 / 4 and Watch4 expected to arrive in sizes 40mm, 41mm, 44mm and 45mm, respectively. These versions will support cellular and bluetooth connectivity.

It is unclear at the moment whether Samsung will ditch Tizen in favour of Wear OS in its new smartwatches, or if it will just introduce a new line of WearOS smartwatches while continuing to launch Tizen-powered watches.

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