New Xbox update launches game download acceleration feature

The software giant has launched a new update to the Xbox platform that brings game loading acceleration, along with some improvements to the Xbox app on mobile devices. The April update for Xbox today comes to support the improvement of the user experience in the process of downloading games that now come with faster performance through a new feature that allows users to temporarily suspend active games, to address the problem of slow loading when there are any of the active games in the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

The game suspension feature in Xbox update can support users with selecting Quick Resume in Xbox Series X / S to support quickly pausing active games and then start downloading games or game updates in one go and then resume playing the suspended games.

Microsoft confirms that this new choice will support users with better performance and an alternative to exit games completely for download or affect the download speed in games as a result of the games already active.

Microsoft is also bringing, through the April update to the Xbox platform, new improvements in the Xbox application for smartphones, as it introduced a new design for the application interface on the Android and iOS platform during the month of October, but the Achievements tab missed the new design, and today Microsoft returns to the tab for the monthly leaderboard in Achievements Games, as Microsoft confirms that the application update will be available with new features for all users by the end of this month.

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