Oculus enhances the Quest 2 VR glasses

Oculus, owned by Facebook, will release a new update for Quest 2 glasses in the coming days. They will receive useful news in the field of hardware and software.

The new VR headset unlocks the 120Hz refresh rate mode, so far the glasses have supported a maximum of 90 Hz, even in selected applications. 72 Hz is calculated as standard. For now, the faster frequency will only be an experimental feature, and developers who want to use it must update applications or games.

Quest 2 works independently, but can also be connected to a computer with an Oculus Link USB-C cable. However, it will soon be possible to connect glasses and PCs wirelessly as well, via Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac). Oculus recommends a quality router, the shortest possible distance, and an undisturbed 5GHz band. Even so, the connection may be less stable and longer responsive. However, it promises the company that Air Link will gradually improve and increase its performance and image quality.

Oculus will also gradually begin to launch the promised "endless office." Infinite Office connects a real office desk with a virtual one. It also transfers real keyboards to VR, but so far only supports the Logitech K830 wireless.

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