Pixel 6 will have a new secret chip directly from Google

Google Pixel 6 will bring a huge change and bring phones from Google closer to the iPhone. The latest leak confirms earlier reports that Google is preparing its own chip for Pixel 6. Powering phones with their own processors can bring great benefits, and it's one of the things behind the iPhone's success. What will Google's own chip for Pixel 6 bring?

The first speculations about the development of Google's own chip appeared last year. Now, these speculations are getting more realistic outlines, and it seems that the chip from Google will see the light of day in Google Pixel 6 phones for the first time. According to the latest news, Google is working with Samsung to develop its SoC. He designs his own Exynos processors and also has production capacity for the production of silicon chips. Cooperation between companies can therefore take several forms.

Google has previously designed Pixel Neural Core and Pixel Visual Core chips for Pixel. With these help chips, Google has always focused on improving the artificial intelligence and machine learning features of its phones. However, it was only auxiliary hardware. We can expect that the full-fledged Google SoC on which the next Pixel will run will also be significantly focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence and image processing. The code name of the upcoming chip is said to be Whitechapel, and Google is considering using it not only in its future phones but also in Chromebooks.  Apple is celebrating great success with SoC for its device, so it will be interesting to see how much of a change this change will bring to Google devices.

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