Polaroid Go, the smallest analog instant camera yet

Polaroid unveiled Polaroid Go, which the company says is the smallest instant analog camera on the planet designed to take it wherever you go.

The camera is 5.9 inches (105 mm) long, 3.3 inches (83.9 mm) wide, and 2.4 inches (61.5 mm) high, and it weighs 242 grams without the film.

In terms of design and functionality, the new Polaroid Instant Analogue Camera looks more like an intense, focused version of the Polaroid Now launched last year.

But it does contain a handful of extras, such as selfie mirror, dynamic flash, one-click double exposure, and self-timer for group shots.

The new mirror of the lens acts as a way to see yourself and how the shot is framed when taking selfies.

Given its compact size, the camera uses a new instant film format, Color Go.

The film measures 2,623 by 2,122 inches (66.6 by 53.9 millimeters) with an image area of ​​1,851 by 1,811 inches (47 by 46 millimeters).

The film has a light sensitivity of 640 according to the ASA standard, which means the camera should be better in brighter settings or with the flash turned on.

There is a counter that displays the number of additional photos you can take before having to reload the movie.

The camera has a 750 mAh battery that lasts a long time for the social media audience who are the heroes of today's instant film cameras.

The USB rechargeable battery lets you capture up to 15 photo packets on a single charge

The camera has a shutter speed of 1 / 125-30 seconds with apertures of f / 12 and f / 52, along with a focal length of 34mm (35mm equivalent).

Polaroid Go is available in white at the beginning, and initial orders are available from now, with the camera arriving on April 27, at a price of $ 100, while the cost of the dual package of Go color film, which includes 16 frames, is $ 20.

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