Samsung is developing a tri-fold tablet with a new stylus

After producing three foldable devices, Samsung is expected to produce a tri-fold device with a new S Pen. According to a report issued by the Gizmuchina website, Samsung is currently working on a tablet, foldable that contains a screen consisting of three parts.

The report adds that the new tablet is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022 under the name Galaxy Z Fold Tab, and it is possible that we will see more details about the product during the Samsung event to be held in August.

Aside from the triple-fold screen, the device will provide support for a new S-pen with additional functionality. The new tablet is also expected to have an even better quality ultrathin glass.

According to the Indian Express, many other details about the device are not available yet, but more leaks are expected shortly before its launch. 

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