Samsung offers the next version of the Galaxy Z Flip phones in 8 colors

Samsung's upcoming versions of foldable phones continue to attract the limelight, and today the latest leaks shed light on the upcoming Samsung version of the Galaxy Z Flip phones, which is launched in 8 different colors this year. Samsung has begun working on the development of its new version of foldable phones that will soon be titled Galaxy Z Flip 3, where this version comes with a clamshell design, as Samsung offers the phone to the market in gray, white, dark blue, and pink colors, among other colors.

Previous leaks also confirmed that the phone comes in purple, green, and black colors as well as beige, as the number of colors provided for the phone reaches 8 colors, but the Korean giant will not offer all the options in the same market.

Also, it is expected that Samsung will offer some options from the colors of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in specific events, as some leaks indicate that the phone comes with an LTPO AMOLED screen, with a built-in camera at the bottom of the screen, and the phone also supports a stylus pen, but it will not come built into the phone, where Samsung offers the phone as a separately sold accessory.

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