Snapchat develops Spectacles for augmented reality

Snapchat developer is planning to continue pushing towards devices, as it is not far from this field as it has released several versions of Spectacles smart glasses over the years. The next step could be a new pair of Spectacles for augmented reality and a drone, according to a report by The Information. Spectacles include screens so that the wearer can see the effects of augmented reality without the need to use a phone, a feature that was noticeably missing from all the Spectacles that came before.

The new Spectacles will be intended for developers and creators, rather than consumers, somewhat similar to the Spectacles 3, which comes at $ 380. The intention is likely to be to get developers to create lenses and consumer experiences at some point in the future. And if the new Spectacles were to function as AR headsets, it could be the culmination of what the company was working on with the first three releases of the product.

Spectacles are currently primarily a capture device, acting as head-mounted cameras with the bulk of the processing done via the user's phone. The company lost $ 40 million when it was stuck with unsold stock from the original pair, and the company's head of hardware left shortly after the second-generation glasses came out.

And if the reports about the new Spectacles are true, it could indicate that Snap is not retreating from its hardware dreams. And if Snap wants to keep pushing its augmented reality glasses, it looks like it might have to face competition from the likes of Apple and Facebook, as the two companies seem to be working on developing their wearable devices. The company is due to announce its AR Spectacles at its developer conference in May.

As for the drone, there is little information about it, as Snap is reported to have revived its long-term plans to build a selfie drone. In 2017 it acquired a drone company, and Snap invested $ 20 million in a Chinese drone company also called Zero Zero Robotics. There is no word on when the drone will ship, but it has recently become a priority for Snap Lab, Snap's hardware portfolio.

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