Sony admits wrong decision to close PS3 and Vita stores

Sony announced the resumption of PS3 and PlayStation Vita digital stores in the coming period and acknowledged the wrong decision that the company had previously taken to close these stores. The PS3 and PlayStation Vita digital stores will continue to operate in the coming period after Sony reverses its previous decision to close these digital interfaces, while the company continues to close the PSP digital store on the second of July.

Sony confirmed in its recent statements that the company is aware of its wrong decision to close the digital interface to the PS3 and PlayStation Vita stores, and Jim Ryan also confirmed the continuation of the digital stores, so that the company returns from its previous decision.

Sony decided earlier to close the PS3 and PlayStation Vita digital stores at the end of March, making it difficult to buy digital copies of games for these systems, a decision Sony made at the beginning to focus on the new PlayStation 5 hardware.

Sony also faced angry reactions from users of PS3 and PlayStation Vita systems, which is the main reason for Sony to finally return from its previous decision and continue to provide digital copies of games to users of these devices.

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