Sony introduces new 4K projectors

The Japanese company Sony unveiled two new models of projectors for home cinema. The Japanese company announced, today, Tuesday, that the new devices come with 4K Ultra HD technology, the X1 processor, and many advanced Sony functions such as the Dynamic HDR Enhancer function and the Reality Creation function.

Sony indicated that the projector VPL-VW290ES is the new model of the device, VPL-VW270E, and the new model VPL-VW890ES inherits the throne of the device VPL-VW870ES.

Sony is promoting the new projectors with the X1 processor specially developed for home cinema projectors, which has been used in many other models, and the new processor provides better picture quality, and the Dynamic HDR Enhancer function analyzes every scene and improves contrast significantly when playing content HDR.

The Japanese company confirmed that the Reality Creation function ensures that details are displayed more clearly, and thus Full HD content can be upgraded to ultra-high-definition 4K, and the new projectors also allow separate settings for SDR and HRD contents.

The package of technical equipment for the new model VPL-VW290ES includes an SXRD panel and a brightness of 1500 lumens, and the life span of the lamp extends up to 6000 hours, and the new Sony projector features that the lenses do not require maintenance with low latency, thus it is also suitable for playing games, and the intensity Sound 26 dB.

The Japanese company indicated that the new model VPL-VW890ES is rich with an ARC-F lens consisting of 18 glass elements, and the maximum brightness is 2200 lumens, the sound intensity is 24 dB, and the life span of the laser unit reaches 20 thousand hours.

Sony announced the launch of the new projectors in the global market next May.

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