Sony's financial report confirms improved earnings in the company's mobile sector

Sony announced its annual financial report for the year 2020, which revealed good performance for the company's PlayStation sector, with an improvement in the performance of the phone sector in the company.

Sony has witnessed over the past year a rise in the initial sales of the PlayStation 5 gaming console, which surpassed those of PlayStation 4, and the company also achieved strong sales in games and PlayStation services as well.

Sony also achieved a recovery during the year 2020 in sales of smartphones, while sales in the image sensor section declined as a result of the conflicts between Chinese companies and the United States, also despite the improvement in the performance of the phone department, but the company's sales of Xperia phones recorded only 2.9 million units during 2020, which is slightly down from last year, in which the company recorded sales of 3.2 million units.

Sony’s fiscal year begins in April of each year. Sony has achieved, during the past year, an increase in operating revenues, and Sony has also been able to reduce operating costs in the telephone division.

Sony was also able to record sales of 3.3 million units of the PlayStation 5 gaming console between January and March, bringing total sales now to 7.8 million units, slightly higher than PlayStation 4, and Sony is working to increase production to cover the demands of the gaming device. in the markets.

On the other hand, the PS4 continues to record good sales as well, as Sony achieved one million sales during the same quarter, and the total sales of PS4 and PS5 reached 338.9 million in the full fiscal year, and 17% of Sony games went back to 58.4 million.

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