Switch introduces high-quality electronic gaming accessories in the Middle East

The UAE's latest brand of a wireless speaker with technology for a comfortable lifestyle, Switch has entered the gaming field with the introduction of premium quality wireless earphones and ultra-fast charging cables.

Switch Tropods headphones

Sound delay when wireless connectivity is a general concern among gamers, but the new TrueDose Switch came to be the ideal solution to experience games full of adventure and excitement, as the new earphones will take you to an advanced stage of gaming up to (24) hours thanks to the ultra-low wireless latency (65) Ms per second), eye-catching design and built-in microphone for in-game calls and communication.

The new Switch Troubdoz earbuds, with easy Bluetooth connectivity and intuitive controls, comes with a spare ear pad that can be charged with a Type-C cable inside the box.

Switch Pro Charging Cable

The premium quality right-angle charging cable allows users to charge their phones while playing or watching in a convenient and great way. This two-meter tangle-free nylon charging cable comes with a sleek metal design with a built-in charging indicator and USB A and Type C connections for Android users.

Switch optical cable to USB right angle

The product you never knew you needed, the new switch lighting cable contains an innovative adjustable aluminum stand and right-angle connection that provides great charging experiences for users.

Thanks to its fast charging, data transfer, and unique design, the new charging cable is an ideal accessory for Apple device users.

Price and availability

Switch Troopods are now available at JustSwitch.com https://www.justswitch.com/ae-en/audio/wireless-earbuds/trubudz-play-tb450-low-latency-tws-black/?sc=54, Price 249 AED.

Charging Switch Pro Gaming Cable is now available at JustSwitch.com at 59 AED.

The illuminated right-angle to USB cable is now available at JustSwitch.com at 69 AED, and it is also available in the US cable My Type C at JustSwitch.com priced at AED 59.

About Switch

The switch is the gateway to targeted, customized, and designed technology devices that the customer wants. The switch offers the finest technological accessories, from modern audio devices to powerful and innovative gadgets, including collaborating with international accessory brands to provide customized alternatives including Apple, Anker, Huawei, Shore, and many more! Have you ever purchased a product and wished there was some way to customize it and make it your own so that your accessories add to your creative side? This is exactly what the unique Hardware Customizer ™ tool offers. Individuals can buy their products from Switch or offer their own and the team will bring any idea of ​​it to life. This is where creativity and exclusivity meet technology.

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