TCL announces the date of its next conference on April 14th

TCL has decided on April 14 to hold its global market conference, provided that the conference will be broadcast on the Internet, and it is expected that a new version of the 20 series phones will be announced during the event.

The TCL event starts around the middle of next month, as it is expected, according to leaks, that the company will present during the event both the 20 Pro 5G, 20L and 20S phones.

TCL had revealed two series of TCL 20 phones during CES at the beginning of this year, as the company presented TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE phones, and again the company began preparing to launch more versions during its event scheduled for next month.

Some expectations also indicate that TCL will also reveal during the event the new upgrade of the phone models that it unveiled last year, as one of the two models came to reveal the company's vision in designing phones with a rotatable screen similar to the Oppo X 2021 phone.

While the other model revealed TCL's vision in the design of foldable phones with a triple screen, where the phone screen is folded into three sections, so we expect more details about the company's plans and new releases during the event scheduled to be held during the coming period.

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