The Fitbit Luxe smart bracelet is launched with a stylish design and is priced at approximately $ 150

Fitbit has officially revealed its new version of the Fitbit Luxe smart bracelet, which launches with a stylish design, supports sports tracking, with a battery that lasts up to 5 days, and is priced at approximately $ 150.

The Fitbit Luxe smart bracelet is launched with a free offer to subscribe to the “Fitbit Premium” service for up to 6 months. The smart bracelet is also available for pre-order now.

The smart bracelet is characterized by a design that supports the user with a good experience in wearing Fitbit Luxe 24 hours, as it features a slim design with a touch screen, and also provides the user with a comfortable experience if wearing it during sleep, with a charge that lasts up to 5 days.

The Fitbit Luxe bracelet also comes with a silicone wrist strap that supports seamless replacement via a clip, and adjusting the bracelet's size, and the company later provides more options for the color of the wristband at $ 30 for the distinctive silicone model or $ 34 for the model featured with a fabric design.

The wrist bracelet is also available in a leather design at $ 50, and a stainless steel wristband at $ 80, or a wrist bracelet with a steel design with Gorjana brand at $ 100.The company also provides in June its own version of the Fitbit Luxe bracelet with the Gorjana brand at a price of approximately $ 200.

The Fitbit Luxe bracelet features an OLED touch screen, supports connection with iOS and Android devices, and also supports the Google Fast Pair feature that allows the smart bracelet to be connected automatically to Android phones.

The smart bracelet also supports connection to the GPS system via the phone, the bracelet also supports heart rate monitoring, and measuring the level of stress through the accompanying application on the phone, also supports tracking the user's activity, breathing rate, skin temperature, the user's condition during sleep, and it is scheduled to support later measurement The percentage of oxygen in the blood.

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