Tile maintains that Apple's launch of AirTags is not a fair competition

Tile recently published statements confirming that the company welcomes competition in the tracking device market, as well as confirming that Apple's launch of AirTags is not considered fair competition in the market.

Tile was known as one of the most popular companies in the development of tracking devices in the market, and Apple joined the competition in this market yesterday by announcing the new tracking device AirTags, but this announcement did not find a great welcome from Tile, which is heading to Congressional lawmakers to request an inspection of the tracking system that Underpinning the new AirTags device.

The CEO of Tile also emphasized that the company welcomes fair competition in the markets, and has indicated that the launch of the AirTags device is not a fair competitor.

The leaks have indicated a while ago that Apple plans to launch a market tracking device, and indeed Apple introduced the AirTag at the event that kicked off yesterday, where the device is available in the market starting from April 30 at a price of $ 29, and the device also works with the Find My application on Apple devices.

On the other hand, Tile confirmed in its statement that it provides the market with a variety of tracking devices that support the user in tracking various things that include headphones or bags, and the company also revealed its partners Skullcandy and HP and explained the support of tracking devices, Android and iOS systems.

The AirTag from Apple offers the same features that Tile devices are famous for, while Apple also offers users the broadband networks feature in the Find My application that will support iPhone users in locating lost objects with better accuracy.

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