Urbanista introduces the world's first solar powered speaker

Urbanista unveiled the new Los Angeles wireless headset, the world's first solar-powered headset. The Swedish company explained that the new Bluetooth headset comes covered with Exeger Powerfoyle, which converts light into energy. And the speaker charges from every light source, even in closed places, which means that the headset enjoys a large battery life.

The one-hour exposure of the speaker to sunlight provides energy for 3 hours of operation. The headphone battery capacity of 750 mAh can also be charged conventionally via the USB-C port. Without solar power, the battery life can reach 50 hours.

The speaker kit also includes Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology with support for Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

It is scheduled to launch the new Los Angeles speaker at the beginning of the summer for about 195 euros.

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