Warning against the use of smart phones in certain places

The use of smartphones in some places can cause serious consequences, and placing the phone in a pocket can affect health. 

According to the statements of Stanislav Kosarev, Director of the Faculty of Information Technology at the Russian "Synergy" University, for a time not so long ago it was believed that the use of smartphones in the plane could affect the operation of the aircraft's navigation system, which called on international airlines to ban its use on flights. Smartphone manufacturers specially developed for these cases what is known as airplane mode in which the Internet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do not work, until the European Safety Agency lifted the ban in 2014.

The expert noted that device manufacturers write in the instructions that it is not recommended to use tools in gas stations and near containers where there are fuel or chemicals. It is also advised to turn off the phone due to the presence of special signals and instructions, as it is also prohibited in medical institutions, as operating a smartphone can affect medical devices. Modern devices coexist quietly with portable devices, and that previous generations of medical equipment can behave unexpectedly, which may affect the diagnosis.

Kosarev warned that, in theory, the phone could explode or start fires near fuel or chemical storage facilities, according to what the Prime site reported.

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