Xiaomi supports Redmi K40 gaming phone with Dimensity 1200 chip

In a new teaser, Xiaomi has confirmed its plans to support the Redmi K40 gaming phone with the Dimensity 1200 processor chip.

Xiaomi is preparing to launch a new version of the Redmi K40 phones, targeting the new version of games, and Xiaomi has confirmed in teaser announcements published today on Weibo that the version for games from the Redmi K40 series comes with a distinct Dimensity 1200 processor with a 6 nm manufacturing precision.

Another teaser revealed the side frame design for the Redmi K40 gaming phone, as the phone appears in a slim design, with dedicated buttons for running games.

Also, previous leaks indicated that the Redmi K40 phone comes with 67W fast charging technology, it also comes with Samsung's E4 AMOLED screen, and supports a 144Hz refresh rate, and the phone is also expected to include a 5000 mAh battery.

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