4 Damages caused by extreme heat to your smartphone

We notice when we use our phones for a long time, or during connection to the electrical current for a period of heating the device, which leads to a great slowdown in the work of the device. Connect magazine warned that extreme heat could damage a smartphone; The battery may constantly lose its capacity or fail completely. Other than that, it may deform the plastic parts of the device body or may melt.

Extreme heat can also cause permanent damage to the electronic units in the smartphone, as well as the touch screen, which may not respond to touch movements or become very slow. The German magazine added that these risks also arise when the smartphone is left in the car for a long time.

Even in cars equipped with air conditioning, the smartphone is exposed to overheating when placed directly behind the windshield, so the driver, who uses his smartphone as a navigation device, must consider other alternatives during the summer.

If the temperature rises too much, some smartphones will give a warning notification or stop completely in an emergency.

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