A report confirms the end of the Huawei-Leica partnership following the launch of the P50 series

The latest reports confirmed plans to end the partnership between Huawei and Leica after the official launch of the P50 series during the coming period.

The Huawei P9 was the first version developed in cooperation between the Chinese giant Huawei and Leica since 2016, and the two companies have collaborated to launch more than one version of Huawei phones with the best standards in camera and photography, but this partnership comes to an end this year.

The new details were revealed on the @ RODENT950 page, where the leaks confirmed that the Huawei P50 series will be the last cooperation between the Chinese giant and the German company.

On the other hand, the source of the leaks confirmed that Leica recently retreated from supporting Huawei phones with drivers and internal configurations for the camera, so that the cooperation in recent times is limited to the brand only, so the upcoming P50 series will not include technology that Leica should, so the series comes with the phrase Co-Engineered. With Leica which confirms the cooperation of the German company to adjust camera settings only.

It is noteworthy that the German company Leica is preparing for its new partnership with Sharp, where revealed some three-dimensional photographic leaks about the design of the Sharp AQUOS R6 phone, which comes with words confirming the German company's cooperation in adjusting the camera settings in this version.

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