All you need to know about Android 12 from Google

Google has shown some major new features and design updates in Google I / O 2021, and in general, Android 12 could be the largest Android update in a while, this comes even though it is not expected to actually launch Android 12 to the public until September Roughly speaking, but the beta version of the OS is available to users and developers who want to install it on their compatible devices.

Here's everything we know about Android 12 so far, according to Digitartlends. 

What are the new features in Android 12?

During the Developer Preview phase of Android 12, we didn't know much about the new OS - but now that public betas are available, we got a good look at what Android 12 would be like to be an overhaul of the design, along with its plethora of features and dashboards. New and more.

Here is a summary of the new features introduced by Android 12.

The biggest change in Android 12 comes easily in the form of an update to the design, the buttons are bigger and bolder, and Google is not interested in taking up more space on the screen, it seems that Android 12 is about using space more intelligently than trying to collect more elements in it.

These big icons seem to apply to every aspect of Android 12. Everything works more or less the same, but the settings menu options, quick settings, slides, and so on are all bigger, bolder, and more colorful, even the lock screen gets the treatment - when it's not. There are no notifications, the watch occupies the majority of the screen, and even with the notifications, it is large enough to easily see it in a jiffy.

And there are smaller animations and animation adjustments in Android 12. For example, when you press the power button, there is an animation that lights up the screen from the button itself.

The release also includes new theme options. Google calls the new features "Material You", and it takes mainly color scheme signals, and includes what Google calls "complementary" colors. The themes are actually system-wide, and even third-party developers can link their apps to it to create a more uniform look.

While most of the actual design changes were rolled out as part of Beta 1, the Material You topic won't come up until at a later time.

Renew Notification Shadow

As part of an all-new design update, Google has moved some aspects of Android - and as usual in Android, the notification shade is getting one of the biggest updates, for example accessing Quick Settings is getting easier - you'll be able to switch between four of the most used quick settings when you swipe The first is for the notification shade, in the form of relatively large rectangular buttons, after that, swipe again to access all of your quick settings.

Android's power menu will also be entered in this new Quick Settings area as well, meaning that you'll be able to access smart home controls and Google Pay Wallet from the Quick Settings menu - while pressing the power button launches Google Assistant instead. 

At the moment the Power menu is still on Android, but that will eventually change through beta.

New privacy controls

The general public's interest in privacy is growing, and Android 12 offers a number of features for privacy-conscious, most notably the new Privacy Dashboard, which displays a set of information about the permissions you have granted for each app and allows you to revoke certain permissions if you want to do so, you'll also get information about Use permission, including a timeline of when apps will arrive at your location.

And speaking of location, there are more location permissions in Android 12. Now, you can give the apps an approximate location instead of a specific location, which will be useful for things like weather apps.

There are other features about privacy, too. Just like on iOS, there are now indicators showing when to use the microphone and camera.

Google is working to make other aspects of your data more secure, too. 

Notably, Android 12 includes the new Android proprietary system Core Computer, The Private Computer Core is a kind of fragmented division of Android that handles features like smart reply, live annotations, and other AI-related features that can handle sensitive data.

Digital car key

Broadband in the first place, there's a backup where it isn't - the feature can also work through NFC.

Of course, this feature requires the cooperation of the automakers, and that may take some time. So far, BMW has only committed to using a car key from Apple, and BMW is the first to support Digital Car Key. Hopefully, the adoption of Google and Apple will motivate carmakers to adopt broader feature support.

Android TV controller

If you are connected to the Android ecosystem, you can use the Android TV device together with the Android phone, Android 12 includes a built-in remote control for Android TV devices.

The feature will work with Chromecast with Google TV, or TVs that have Android TV built-in, and provides basic software controls, Google Assistant access, and volume controls.

Previously to use your phone as a remote control for an Android TV, you needed to install an app - and you won't have to do that anymore.

Better integration with Chrome OS

Chrome OS and Android phones are set to work together a little bit better, too. According to Google, Chrome OS will get a feature to display images on your Android phone without having to wait for those images to upload to the cloud. This feature uses Wi-Fi Direct.

When will I get Android 12?

Google has shared the general Android 12 roadmap but has not set a specific date when the operating system will be released to the public. Usually, new Android versions will be released around September, and based on Google's roadmap, this looks good for this year.

Before the consumer release of Android 12, we must go through the beta process. This is divided into two stages: developer previews and beta releases.

We are currently at the beginning of beta versions. The first Android 12 Developer Preview was released in February, with updates in both March and April. Now that we are in May, the first beta has been released, and more are set to arrive in June, July, and August, after that, we will finally have the official consumer version of Android 12.

Even when the consumer version of Android 12 comes out, that doesn't mean you'll get it right away - or at any time.

The update will arrive first on Google Pixel phones and some other devices. 

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