Android 12 update enables Pixel phones to be converted into a digital car key

Google announced its plans to support the Android 12 update with the feature of converting Pixel phones into a digital car key.

Apple has developed the digital key feature in iPhone phones during the past period, and today Google offers this technology during the developer conference, as it comes through the Android 12 update, and the feature also supports some selected versions of Google's versions in Pixel phones, as well as Galaxy phones.

BMW had previously announced support for the digital key feature from Samsung, as it is planned to replace the traditional car key with a digital key directly in the phone.

The digital key also comes with UWB, where the ultra-wide radio signals detect the digital key directly when the user is standing directly in front of the vehicle.

According to the Google announcement, the new technology will come in the next version of Pixel phones, and the technology provided by Apple and Google supports NFC, which requires the removal of the phone and digital operation, which is one of the features presented in the 2021 BMW 5.

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