Apple adds a new color to iPhone 13 at its launch

The next iPhone 13 from Apple is expected to arrive, with a new color option, which is the pink color or Rose Pink as the Peng Store is called, and the tweet claims that the iPhone Pro Max will have a pink option and that it will be launched in December 2021.

A specific tweet was published earlier this month, and now rumors are circulating about a pink iPhone phone, and it is known that Apple is introducing a new color to its iPhone series, and even a year after its launch, the product (red) and the purple version of the iPhone 12 are two examples. 

It also replaced the iPhone colors with other colors with the launch of the later model, as in the case of Midnight Green on the iPhone 11 Pro, which was replaced by the Pacific Blue option on the iPhone 12, and the company recently introduced bright color options for its iMac range, which says Apple is looking to present options New colors with its upcoming launch.

It is rumored that the other features that the next iPhone will come with is the ProMotion 120 Hz screen, which can be always on the screen, and according to rumors, the Always- On Display will display only the time, battery percentage and incoming notifications.

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