Apple introduces the upcoming iPhone 13 series with FaceID chip in a very small size

A report published recently by DigiTimes revealed Apple's plans to support the upcoming iPhone 13 series with a FaceID camera VCSEL chip, which is 40-50% smaller than the chip that supports the iPhone 12 series.

Apple supports iPhone phones with a VCSEL chip that allows 3D scanning for facial recognition, and Apple continues to support the next generation of iPhone phones with the FaceID camera chip that comes in the iPhone 13 series in a smaller size.

The report confirms that reducing the size of the VCSEL chip in the upcoming iPhone 13 series will support Apple in supporting the 2021 releases with a smaller size for the camera bump.

Also scheduled to use the same chip camera FaceID in the next generation of iPad devices, as expectations indicate that with the direction of Apple to reduce the size of the protrusion of the front camera, Apple will change the location of the grille amplifiers to the upper part of the phone frame.

Previous leaks indicated that the iPhone 13 series is launched with a thicker design, with a larger camera cut, on the other hand, Apple offers Pro versions with LTPO AMOLED screens, and a refresh rate of 120Hz, and the phones also come with a new upgrade in the cameras, with the Apple A15 chip.

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