Apple is preparing to re-design MacBook Pro devices with the new generation of the company's processor chips

Apple is preparing to launch the new generation of MacBook Pro devices that comes with a new design later this year with the new generation of processor chips developed from Apple. 

The M1 chip that supports MacBook Air 2020 has exceeded analysts' expectations, as it supported the devices with the best performance and highest efficiency, and in a new report from Bloomberg, Apple's plans to bring the next generation of processors to the new versions of MacBook Pro devices that are officially launched during the summer of this year were revealed.

A Bloomberg report confirms that Apple has begun preparing a list of upcoming Macs that will be launched with the next generation of Apple processors. Also, the source of the leaks Mark Gurman confirmed that Apple is planning to initially announce the MacBook Pro in the size of 14 and 16 inches in the summer of this year.

The report also revealed Apple's plans to redesign the external structure of the next generation of MacBook Pro devices, and Apple redesigns the MagSafe magnetic charger, also speculating that Apple will return the SD port in the upcoming versions, which supports the transfer of data on video and image content from cameras to devices.

Gurman also clarified Apple's plans to launch new versions of the MacBook Air after the official announcement of the MacBook Pro, and also launches low-cost MacBook Pro devices alongside the workstation of the MacBook Pro, with all versions coming with the new generation of Apple processors.

Apple is scheduled to present two models of the MacBook Pro, which were spotted with the Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die symbols, which include the new generation of chips that includes 8 high-performance cores, and 2 cores that support Efficiency, as the chips are available with a screen card that includes 16 or 32 cores, with improvements in artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, and the devices also support memory up to 64 GB RAM.

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