Do you suffer from poor sound quality on Galaxy phones? Here's the solution

If you are using one of the Samsung smartphone models and you suffer from the poor sound when receiving phone calls, this may cause you some anxiety, especially since the option to use the loudspeaker to answer calls may not seem a practical solution, especially in public places, or when there is External noise.

Below we will learn how to improve the sound quality of your Samsung Galaxy phone to get the best possible audio experience when answering incoming voice calls, listening to music, or playing games:

The improved sound quality and effects feature to offer you many options that you can adjust to get higher sound quality in addition to the ability to customize sound effects according to your choice, and to do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the (Settings) app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Click on the Sounds & Vibration option.
  • Click on the option (sound quality and effects).
  • On the next screen, you will be presented with a bunch of options, namely:
  • Dolby Atmos: a suitable option when playing visual media.

Dolby Atmos for gaming: Automatically get immersive audio when playing games.

UHQ upscaler: This allows you to enhance the sound resolution of music and videos for a clearer listening experience.

Equaliser: It allows you to customize the volume according to your preference, after pressing it you will see a few options that you can adjust to help improve the sound quality of your phone.

Adapt Sound: This option allows you to choose a predefined sound based on age, and also offers you an option to try a hearing test, as it is an ideal way to test your hearing to further customize the volume if you have any concerns about your hearing.

Note: Sometimes the problem may be in the headphone jack itself, so make sure to keep dust and dirt away from this port by using compressed air or using a small, soft brush to clean it, in addition to that, you should check that the phone's protective cover does not block the sound Issued by the speaker.

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