For this reason, don't buy the gray Apple computer

Apple has announced that it will stop offering any new copies of gray desktop accessories. According to The Verge, Apple alerted its customers to this decision through its website, indicating that the available copies of them were nearing the end and the lack of intention to introduce anything new.

Among the accessories that will disappear the Magic Mouse, keyboard, and Trackpad devices, and the common denominator between them is that they are all gray, meaning that these accessories are still available for sale through the official Apple website, but in other colors.

The American technology news site stated that a number of devices are out of stock through the Apple website and are no longer available for sale, most notably the iMac Pro.

Millions of people around the world are waiting for the new Apple company in the iPhone after the leaks of a foldable phone increased.

And after Apple presented the iPhone 12 in purple, during the event that came under the name Spring Loaded, the leaks confirm that the American company is working on launching a foldable iPhone.

The leaks this time bear the stamp of confirmation, especially as they come from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has great confidence in the corridors of Apple.

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