Google may make improvements to the Pixel Camera

Google announced an attempt to address lighter skin tones in its camera and imaging products, with a focus on making images of people of color "more beautiful and accurate." These changes will come to Google's Pixel cameras this fall, and the company says it will share what I learned it via the wider Android ecosystem, according to the verge. 

Specifically, Google is making changes to its automatic white balance and exposure algorithms to improve resolution for darker skin tones based on a wider data set of images that feature black and brown faces. 

With these adjustments, Google aims to avoid over-brightening and de-saturating people of color in images for a more accurate representation.

Google has also made improvements to portrait selfies, creating a more accurate depth map for curly and wavy hair types instead of just cropping around a person's hair.

The company says it still has a lot to do - and it has certainly faltered in the past in terms of image recognition and inclusion but it is a welcome step in the right direction.

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