LG sells its phones that have not been released to its employees

The company LG decided to get rid of the remaining units of its phones that were not offered by selling them to the company's employees after the technology giant announced last month its exit from the smartphone market.

A recent tweet shared by a FrontTron Twitter user indicates that the company's South Korean employees have the opportunity to purchase the remaining few models at a very cheap price.

The tweet also clarified details of about 3,000 units of the models that had not been released to be available to employees of LG Electronics in Korea.

The devices shown are, LG Rainbow / Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable, both of which were never launched.

Recall that the Velvet 2 Pro was supposed to be the successor to the LG Velvet phone that was released last year, but it was not released before the company announced its exit from the smartphone market.

The prominent feature of the Velvet 2 Pro is the touch-sensitive button to control the amount of pressure, it also controls the volume and acts as a power button, and the Velvet 2 Pro comes with a comprehensive improvement over its predecessor, although the Twitter post did not provide much about the specifications of the models that were shown. For sale.

However, we know that it comes with a triple camera setup on the back and a front camera on top of the screen.

The tweet also indicated that the devices that will be sold will only enjoy six months of technical support and no software updates, and also indicated that the Velvet 2 Pro will be sold to employees for about $ 170, and the company also prohibits reselling phones again to other buyers.

It is worth noting that G's steps to sell products that have not been launched are the culmination of its decision to withdraw from the smartphone market, which was announced in April 2021.

There are still a few other LG models that have not been launched that may also be sold inside The company.

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