Major changes are taking place in Apple's hardware software to help people with capabilities

Apple announced several technologies that will be added to the software of its devices to make these devices useful to a wider segment of people, and according to the company, the new features will be suitable for people who suffer from problems with hearing, vision, or the movement of some parts of the body, and will help this category of people By controlling mobile devices better and closely with what was reported by RT. 

 And later this year, people who suffer from hand movement problems are supposed to be able to better control Apple Watch watches using AssistiveTouch, and iPad computers will be supported with special software that enables the user to control the screen via eye movement, and the VoiceOver image reader will become more sophisticated. By relying on artificial intelligence techniques, so that the visually impaired can identify in detail the images that are displayed on the screens of their phones or computers, and Apple's phones and laptops will also support features that improve the access of sounds to people with hearing problems.

And for users who suffer from some neurological problems, they will be able to integrate special sounds that suit them with the sounds of their phones and laptops from Apple.

And Apple had indicated some time ago also to its intention to develop a new generation of iMac and MacBook computers that are supposed to get completely new features that facilitate remote control and through voice commands and gestures.

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