Material You, a new Google interface with advanced features

Google plans to update the basic design of Google's Android system, as it launched the current Material Design 2014 user interface.

Google announced that it intends to launch the new Material You user interface next fall, and it will be used for the first time in the new Google 12 version.

The beta version of Android 12 is available for Google Pixel phones as of now so that experimenting users can take a look at the new "Material You" user interface, which comes with a sophisticated color palette and newly designed tools. The new user interface is expected to be more personalized than the Previous version.

There is a new function called Color Extraction that identifies the dominant and complementary colors depending on the background chosen by the user, after which the color system is used in the entire operating system, starting from the notification bar, through the volume controls, and ending with the new tools.

In addition, there will be more fluid movements and animations within the user interface, and the important or frequently used areas such as the notification bar or quick settings will be displayed more clearly.

Data protection

In addition to the new design, the Google Android 12 system is packed with many new capabilities for protecting user data. Where the privacy control panel provides an overview of the permission settings and provides more details about the type of applications that access the user's data, and an indication of the quality of this data. The user can also withdraw application permissions from the control panel directly if necessary.

And based on the approximate location data, Google announced the launch of a new category of permissions for applications, which need approximate location data and not very accurate data, and weather applications are applications that need approximate location data.

Among the new functions is also the display feature located at the top right of the status bar, which clearly indicates whether the applications are accessing the microphone or the camera, and the relevant icons appear on a green background, and in order for the user to respond immediately, the application's access to the microphone can be controlled. The camera is across the entire operating system by two on / off buttons in quick settings.

The Private Computer Core function provides better privacy protection; A lot of data is set to be processed directly on the smartphone, especially when it comes to personal data derived from the audio, video, and voice control ranges.

The American company confirmed that this data will not be transferred from the smartphone and processed on the company's servers, and Google added that new functions will be launched with the launch of the new Android 12 version by the coming fall season.

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