Realme Watch 2 Pro: half larger display and integrated GPS

The Realme brand introduced a new Realme Watch 2 Pro watch at the end of this week. They follow the month-old Realme Watch 2, they even look similar, but the manufacturer managed to inflate the display and battery by 56 percent.

Realme Watch 2 Pro: large display and two weeks of endurance

In terms of design, Realme didn't come up with any big news. We still have a relatively successful Apple Watch clone here, but it lacks a significant rotating crown, and we find only one hardware button on the metal body of the watch. The control of the watch thus takes place exclusively via a touch screen with a diagonal of 1.75 “and a resolution of 385 × 320 pixels. The display boasts a maximum brightness of 600 nits and a refresh rate of 30 Hz.

You can project any of the more than 100 dials on the display, including a special Master Edition by Korean artist Grafflex.

Thanks to the larger body, the watch fits a larger battery with a capacity of 390 mAh, which the manufacturer promises to last up to 14 days. However, this is provided that you will not make much use of the integrated GPS, which is another novelty of this model. Thanks to this, you can record the route with the help of a watch even without a paired smartphone. Realme Watch 2 Pro has a range of 16 sports, but the manufacturer promises to increase this number to 90 through future updates.

Drink and move regularly

Of course, there are also health functions, in addition to the traditional heart-rate sensing, you can also look forward to the blood saturation sensor and related anti-stress meditation exercises. The watch will also monitor your drinking regime and will occasionally wake you up when you are sedentary.

Of course, there are notifications of incoming and missed events, in addition to the standard equipment, you can also enjoy the control of music, camera, and even some Internet of Things devices. You can answer and reject calls from the watch display, but due to the absence of a microphone and speaker, you cannot handle it directly.

Price and availability

Realme Watch 2 Pro will be available next week in Malaysia, offered in gray and silver with a silicone strap. The price is set at 299 RM (about 1,500 crowns without VAT). We don't have any information about global availability yet.

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