Samsung and Google collaborate to integrate Wear OS and Tizen systems

Google announced the expansion of its partnership with the Korean giant to support the next generation of Samsung smartwatches with a system that combines Wear OS and Tizen systems. Google is integrating Wear OS and Tizen in a new experience presented in Samsung smartwatches in a system now known as Wear.

The integration of Wear OS and Tizen supports the upcoming Samsung smartwatches to bring some improvements that include longer battery life, with 30% faster app loading, and also a fluid movement for graphics.

The new merger also supports developers with better performance in application development, with a major operating system that integrates with the Android system.

Google also emphasizes support for users with a greater number of applications, and a greater number of smartwatch faces, and Wired also reviewed some of the features of the upcoming operating system, in which Samsung uses the rotatable frame in smartwatches.

The system also brings a standalone application from Google Maps, with the YouTube Music application with the feature of downloading to listen outside the Internet, which is the same feature provided to the Spotify application.

It is noteworthy that Samsung officially confirmed today the support of the next generation of the Galaxy Watch with the new platform for smartwatches, which later also supports Fitbit distinctive watches.

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