Samsung has registered the names Galaxy Z Roll and Z Slide in Europe


After the quite successful introduction of smartphones with flexible displays, several other design improvements and steps are undoubtedly waiting for the world of mobile phones. For example, we are talking about sliding or scrolling, which is also a dream of many fans of new technologies. Of course, the most important mobile phone manufacturer in the world, the Korean Samsung, does not want to miss such a trend. A few days ago, the company showed the concepts of various devices with revolutionary types of displays, and in this respect, a lot of people drank nicely. Samsung has now confirmed its plans for the two types of mobile phone designs mentioned by registering the names Galaxy Z Roll and Z Slide.

The names of these series are basically all-encompassing. The first should include phones, tablets, and possibly other devices that will have a scrolling display. In the case of the second designation, the same principle of flexibility will also play a major role, but this time it will be used at the edges of the sliders. Samsung has had both new names Galaxy Z Roll and Z Slide fallen into the European Union's Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in recent days. And we are really looking forward to what we will see under their wings.

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