Samsung is preparing to launch three models of the Galaxy Watch4

Samsung is preparing to launch a new version of smartwatches in the coming period, and the latest reports have confirmed that Samsung plans to launch three models of the upcoming Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch.

Previous leaks confirmed that Samsung offers its new version of smartwatches this year with the Wear OS operating system, which Samsung replaces this year with the company's Tizen system, with the smartwatch coming with On UI 3.x interface to mimic Samsung's current versions of Galaxy watches.

The new leaks also revealed that the upcoming Galaxy Watch4 will also come with the SmartThings features that were provided by Samsung in previous versions of smartwatches.

Also, new versions are scheduled to come with a walkie-talkie feature that will allow the smartwatch to be used to send short voice messages. On the other hand, the leaks indicate that Samsung will not support the next generation of smartwatches with a sensor to measure blood sugar.

Samsung's upcoming versions of the Galaxy Watch4 include 3 models, where the first model was identified with the symbol Wise, provided that this model comes with a classic design with a rotatable frame, and some leaks indicated that the smartwatch comes in two sizes 42 mm and 46 mm.

The other models of the Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch have also been spotted with the symbols 'Fresh' and Lucky, as these models feature a sporty design, as one of the versions is expected to come in the Galaxy Watch Active series, where this version also comes in two sizes 40 mm and 42 mm.

The Ice Universe website revealed Samsung's plans to launch the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch Active4 in the second quarter of this year, and some leaks indicate that Samsung's new smartwatch release comes at the company's event scheduled for July to announce the new generation of Samsung phones. Foldable.

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