Samsung plans to make a quantum leap in the world of mobile devices

Manufacturing giant Samsung plans to make a quantum leap in the world of smartphones in the coming period. During the Display week 2021 conference, which was held via the Internet, Samsung reviewed its most important achievements in the field of screens that may contribute to a paradigm shift in the world of mobile devices.

Looking at the promotional videos that Samsung recently reviewed, we note that it is working on developing flexible OLED screens that can be installed on mobile phones whose structure is folded at more than one axis, or phones with side axes through which the screen can be rolled or expanded to change its size by twice or more.

Samsung also reviewed flexible OLED screens that can be installed on foldable tablets, and with bending the structures of these devices, they will transform into devices similar to portable personal computers, and the lower section of the screen will turn into a touch keyboard.

The other important technology that appeared in the Samsung videos also is the technology of hiding the cameras under the flexible screens that will be devoted to phones and computers, which means that these screens will not contain any holes or protrusions dedicated to the cameras, and will cover the largest number of devices interfaces in a better display of photos and videos.

Samsung also hinted during the videos that its modern screens will have eye protection features from blue rays, meaning that they will be safer for use by children and people who work behind their mobile devices for long hours.

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