Samsung reveals its vision in the next generation of OLED screens

Today, during the Display Week 2021 exhibition, the Korean giant unveiled the new generation of OLED screens that include dual folding panels, with panels for the integrated camera at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung demonstrated its vision in designing OLED screens today, which includes panels dedicated to the camera at the bottom of the screen. The Korean giant also revealed the S-Foldable OLED panels that will support Samsung later in the development of smartphones with a dual-fold design.

Samsung has confirmed that the new S-Foldable OLED panels can support a fold-out or inward design in smartphones, as it can support the design of the panels used to double-fold the screen to use a smartphone, or open the screen to reach a size of 7.2 inches.

On the other hand, Samsung also revealed its vision in the design of sliding OLED screens, which is characterized by a technology that supports the extension of the screen horizontally to a larger size without the need to fold the screen, where expectations indicate that Samsung is on its way to develop a tablet device with this technology, and Samsung has already demonstrated a scalable screen Slide 17 inches in size during the event.

It is also expected that the sliding screen will support a tablet device with dimensions of 4: 3 by extending the screen, with the aim of diversifying the devices with foldable screens during the coming period, which has so far been limited to smart phones.

It is reported that Samsung also revealed during the event about OLED panels that support the camera at the bottom of the screen, where the technology was revealed in a notebook that features an edge-to-edge screen design, and it is expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the first Samsung version to launch with this technology this year.

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