Smart Russian glasses against insomnia

The Russian city of Samara is working in the production of glasses against insomnia, and the smart glasses also help in adapting to the changing timing circuits in Russia, which are divided into regions where the local time differs. Designed in cooperation with the State Medical University in the Russian city of Samara, the smart glasses, which were invented by scientists, allow to adjust the circadian rhythms, and are useful for travelers, especially those who move from one timing circuit to another.

Using smart glasses, it is possible to quickly restore the daily vital systems, which is important if there is no natural sunlight in the office or at home. The smart device works simply as the glasses emit light similar to sunlight that enters the retina and activates the brain cells responsible for the internal clock. Thus, if you put on the glasses in the morning from 10 to 14 o'clock and in the evening from 14 to 18 o'clock and wear them for half an hour, the sleep cycle will return completely.

The light emitted by the glasses activates the brain and the internal vital clock. Thus, the smart device allows getting rid of drowsiness in the morning and postponing sleep to 23 o'clock in the evening, and the director of the smart glasses laboratory, Vasily Mukhin, said that he recommends wearing glasses for 15 minutes on a working day in case you experience drowsiness. He added that the physiological effect of the glasses lies in transferring the nocturnal biorhythm to the day (early morning hours) and delaying early sleepiness in the evening (early evening hours).

He went on to say when working on a night shift, the glasses will help you return to a normal rhythm so that you do not suffer from the inability to sleep between shifts.

Smart glasses designers say it could also improve health if confronted with depression.

It is noteworthy that the smart glasses were tested in the conditions of the polar night season in Russia, according to Russia Today.

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