Sony unveils 4 new models of wireless speakers

Sony Corporation announced 4 new models of wireless speakers targeting outdoor spaces, karaoke, and other features.

The new versions of Sony's new speaker devices vary between distinct versions with a very small design that supports fast navigation and large versions for parties and karaoke, so Sony diversified the versions this year to match the needs of users.

The SRS-XB13 is the smallest amplifier in the Sony releases that were revealed today, as the length of the amplifier is approximately 3 and a half inches, and it is characterized by a width of 3 inches, and the amplifier comes with an additional bass to produce more powerful and clear sounds.

Sony also offers the SRS-XB13 amplifier with a Sound Diffusion processor that supports the production of rich dynamic sounds. The device also comes with IP67 standards in water and dust resistance, with a UV coating layer for additional protection when using the magnifier in outdoor locations.

On the other hand, supports the SRS-XB13 amplifier used as external speakers to receive calls, and two of the units support the production of stereo audio and battery life of up to 16 hours, and starts at about $ 60.

Sony also introduced 3 versions of the X series amplifiers, which feature stronger performance, lights, and more entertainment features, and these versions include both the SRS-XP500 and SRS-XP700, as both versions feature customizable LED lighting.

These versions support IPX4 standards in water and dust resistance, and these devices also come with a mounting bracket to convert the speakers for a DJ experience. The SRS-XP500 and SRS-XP700 devices also include X-Balance square amplifiers, which have stronger bass performance.

Also with the powerful bass, these versions come with less distortion and the ability to activate Mega Bass settings. Also, XP500 and XP700 devices include inputs such as a 1/4 inch microphone, with independent controls in the volume level and the ability to synchronize devices for party mode.

The devices come with two USB ports to charge devices or play songs that were stored via a wired connection, and the devices can be operated in a horizontal or vertical position, and the SRS-XP500 and SRS-XP700 devices differ, as the latter automatically reconfigures according to the device's installation position.

The SRS-XP700 also includes a firing tweeter on the back to support the distribution of acoustics in distinct locations with a larger area, on the other hand, the XP500 amplifier has a charging life of up to 20 hours, while the charging life of the XP700 amplifier reaches 25 hours, and the XP500 is scheduled to come at a price. $ 350, while the XP700 comes in at $ 450.

Also, Sony today presented the SRS-XG500 audio speakers with the highest efficiency, Mega Bass settings, and the amplifier includes a LED lighting ring with a handle for easy portability of the amplifier.

The device is characterized by IP66 standards in water and dust resistance, and Sony confirms that the outer fabric of the amplifier is characterized by a smooth cleaning experience. The amplifier also includes a 1/4 inch input for the microphone or guitar, with a USB port for charging or playing music.

XG500 also lasts a charging life of up to 30 hours, supports fast charging technology, and comes at a price of $ 450.

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