T-Mobile TV starts with two channels with 4K transmissions. Who is entitled to them?

T-Mobile has been coming up with a technological novelty in the transmission of television content in 4K quality since 24 May 2021. She chose two channels for transmissions with this ultra-high resolution. One is Eurosport 4K, to which T-Mobile TV users with tariff S and higher will have access. So basically everyone. Users from the L tariff will then have the same picture-quality experience with travel programs on Travelxp. In neither case will they pay anything extra for the new quality.

A transmission speed of 25 Mb / s is said to be sufficient for watching sports and documents in 4K resolution. However, if the connection speed drops briefly below 25 Mbps due to the connection of a larger number of devices, the image will be broadcast in HD. Both channels are launched by the Czech provider in cooperation with broadcasters in pilot (BETA) operation. The new 4K content will be available on Android set-top boxes and in the T-Mobile TV GO application on smart TVs. Playback in the mobile application or browser is not yet new. It is not yet clear which other channels could receive the same promotion.

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