The official date of the launch and launch of the HarmonyOS mobile

A few hours ago, the Chinese company Huawei officially announced the date when it will send its own HarmonyOS operating system to the world. Specifically, its version 2.0, which is ready to work on mobile phones and tablets or watches. This will happen after several long months when the Asian giant is resolving trade restrictions imposed by the USA. Among other things, due to these bans, which deny the company full use of the Android system, including Google applications and services, it began to create its own variant. The final date for the introduction and launch of HarmonyOS is June 2.

The system has been developed since 2019 and originally ran mainly in IoT elements and devices of partner third parties. Since last year, in connection with version 2.0, there has also been talking of introducing it into the strong segment of mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Together with the Huawei system, it is expected to introduce and launch the MatePad Pro 2 tablet and Watch 3. The first new phone to hit the market armed with the new system will probably be the Huawei P50. So HarmonyOS already has a release and launch date. We'll see what happens next.

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