The Redmi Note 10 series will feature a 120Hz screen with a hole on the top

Xiaomi's Redmi company will present its new smartphone lineup, Redmi Note 10, on May 26. The company has not revealed how many phones it will reveal on Wednesday, but it has given us information about the new Note 10 devices.

Several days ago, Redmi revealed the design of one of the Note 10 smartphones while also confirming some of its specifications. And now, the company announced that the Note 10 range will have a 120Hz LCD screen, which will have a dedicated hole for the front camera in the middle of the top.

The resolution and brightness of the screen have not been officially confirmed, but the company says it can dim by 1 nits to provide a comfortable eye experience in low-light conditions.

The screen will also have a 6-speed adaptive refresh rate, which will automatically adjust depending on the application and the content. The frame rate will stay between 24-60fps when watching videos to conserve energy, switching to 50-120fps when browsing and playing games for a smooth experience.

There are other features that the company has confirmed such as VC cooling, NFC 3.0, Bluetooth 5.2, and X-axis linear motor.

Redmi did not explicitly mention the name of the smartphone that will come with these specifications, but we should know everything after two days.

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