Xiaomi launches the MIJIA robot vacuum with an ultra-thin design

Xiaomi announced the MIJIA Robot Vacuum, with its ultra-slim design, priced at $ 310. MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner features a 5.5 cm thin design, and Xiaomi also introduces MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner with LiDAR technology, which supports the vacuum in avoiding obstacles.

The ultra-thin design of the MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner also supports movement in various places that are often difficult to access, as Xiaomi emphasizes conducting research to develop a distinctive design for the robotic vacuum cleaner to support up to 80% cleaning.

The robotic vacuum cleaner also includes a ToF sensor, and a front camera that supports the vacuum cleaner in moving and moving from one location to another, and the vacuum cleaner also supports working in a range that is 5 times more large, and mapping the cleaning site with higher accuracy.

Also, MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner is scheduled to create automatic maps of the cleaning site after a period of use.

The MIJIA Ultra-thin Robot Vacuum also includes two dust boxes, each one with a size of 500 ml, also features a 2-in-1 design tray for a 200 ml dust box and a 220 ml water tank, to support the user to switch between cleaning or wiping tasks.

The vacuum also comes with brushes that support working with a motor, to support higher suction power up to 2000Pa, and MIJIA is scheduled to be available at a price of $ 310.

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